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Our Aim

We at Paatashaaley focus on promoting the rich heritage and cultural values of India to the next generation while empowering them with technology to be ready for the future

About Us

Paatashaaley is a platform that provides everyone an opportunity to learn about Indian cultural heritage and enable young and sharp minds to unlock the power of technology. We involve them into exciting fun-filled activities and workshops using “Involve and Learn” concept. We also offer to showcase any talent you have to the community and conduct sessions.


Areas of Focus

Our Activities are based on Indian tradition, culture, heritage and also gearing kids for the future with  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) or MINT (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft und Technik) programs

Tradition & Culture
Art & Music
Our Courses and Programs

STEM/MINT Workshops

Fun with English


Kannada Kali


Muralee Naada

Play with Numbers

Sanskrit Through Shlokas

Geetha Shravan

Founder, Instructor

Certified Trainer for Abacus and Vedic Math

Sahil Sharma

Instructor (Bhangra)

A native of Punjab and have been practicing Bhangra since childhood

Performed at various events and competitions both in India and Germany

Shravan Suryanarayana


Passionate about Robotics and Programming with deep love for Technology and Space.

Ajeya Simha

Instructor (Shloka)

Trained in Vedas and Religious scriptures at Gurukul/Learning centers

Surita Choudary

Instructor (Hindi)

Passionate about language, cultrure and life sciences

Shreyas Manjunath

Instructor (Shloka)

Trained in Vedas and Religious scriptures at Gurukul/Learning centers

Subramania Siva M

Instructor (Flute)

B-High Grade Flautist with All India Radio, Trichi

Performed at various concerts around India and Europe as both solo and support artist 

Meet the Team

At Paatashaaley, we would love to share with your children the taste of Indian culture and Technology with a dedicated team

Ganesha Idol Making Workshop - Karlsruhe
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