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Our Programs and Courses

Teaching kids about Indian culture | Celebrating Indian festivals | Indian language courses for kids

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STEM/MINT Workshops

Constructively spend a weekend or short holiday.

  • Skills acquired turn into hobby/passion

  • Programming concepts for Kids

  • Learning to build simple robots

  • Build cool toys from household item

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हिन्दी सीखे | LEARNING HINDI:

  • हिंदी वर्णमाला और श्लोक सीखे

  • Reading and writing of Hindi letters

  • Counting Hindi numerals ( १ से १०० )

  • Building vocabulary through Story & Rhymes

  • Reciting Kabeer’s Dohas

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Fun with English

Recognize, read & write English alphabets through fun filled activities

  • Alphabets with Phonetics

  • Writing Alphabets (Capital & Small)

  • Story & Rhymes

  • Simple 3 letter words

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Muralee Naada

Carnatic Flute classes: by Flautist M. Subramania Siva.

South Indian Classical Music style.

Classes for both adults and kids.

Playing the flute helps in improving the respiration, enriches concentration and memory

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Bhangra Dance classes for kids.

Like a high energy workout, this will also keep them fit, strong and balanced. Mr. Sahil Sharma, a native of Punjab, who has been doing Bhangra ever since childhood is here to help you with it

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Play with Numbers

With early introduction to numbers, kids start liking math and get more confidence

  • Counting number up to 100 & writing in words

  • Simple Arithmetic ( 5 +age)

  • Learning Shapes & Sizes

  • Telling time

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Kannada Kali

Reading & writing Kannada:

  • 8 module - 6 months each

  • Syllabus approved by Kannada Development Authority

  • Receive certificate from KAPr (Karnataka Govt) at end of each module

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Sanskrit Through Shlokas

Reciting Sanskrit shlokas:

  • Improves overall development of physical and mental self.

  • Calms the mind - Increases concentration & Focus

  • Improves breathing

  • Instills Pride in our Culture

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